About The Writer

Just a good ol’ suburban girl who doesn’t have dreams of getting married or having a plush green lawn and a white picket fence. I don’t cook a mean chicken potpie or bake the best tasting brownies. I haven’t surrendered my heart or my life, or my secrets to anyone. I’m just a girl who writes where the heart is. I have dreams of aiming for the pretty lights and standing out in the big city.  I’m a girl with high hopes for a bright future.  I’m a music lovin’, soul searchin’, energetic gal who doesn’t give up…ever.  I’m a social butterfly who doesn’t mind moments of solitude.  I’m a small town girl hungry for the big open world. I love a good adventure and I hate sheer boredom. I love moments to breathe, moments of realization, and moments of bewilderment and wonder. I like things that make me think, things that challenge me, and things that stump me. I love that moment where you’re happy to be where you are and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I love smiles. I enjoy the little things. It’s the little things that mean the most to me. I love getting stuck in a daydream.  I appreciate a good joke. I love the infectious sound of laughter and a “Hello, how do you do?” from strangers. I hate fairytales and Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m a coffee shop enthusiast. I love the smell of library books and feeling old  pages with my finger tips. I love writing and I love poetry. I hate when I can’t put a sentence together and I hate when I can’t find the right words. I like bold people who are fearless because they are the example I intend to live by. I love live music, paintings on walls, and frozen moments and faces in photography. I often wish upon a star and at 11:11. I’m a free bird who will never let anyone cut her wings. Most of all I have dreams of filling empty pages with words in order to write a story I have always wanted to tell. I have dreams of taking a book I have written off the shelf in a bookstore and smiling. I have dreams of being a writer, a writer who has sought happiness and success after failing miserably.

What are we without our dreams?

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

18 responses to “About The Writer”

  1. Teeny Bikini says :

    Wonderful. Your dream sounds great. And baking brownies is overrated. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Cheers. 🙂

  2. beinquisitive says :

    I love the description of yourself and in many words I can see myself. I really like your blog and the way you write, the passion you put in words, the reliance you have on words. Well done. cannot wait to read more.

  3. My Write To Read says :

    Thank you for your kind compliments. Your words mean so much.

  4. planted oak says :

    read several posts. you my dear write in a way that one must take pauses to catch breath in between. because it is compelling. because it pulls at you without any hesitation and with that strength that comes from needing to write. wow. just wow. –kris

    • My Write To Read says :

      I don’t have words to explain how appreciative I am of your comment. I sometimes wonder if I can reach my reader effectively, so thank you for making me feel like I have. Also, love your style of writing. I’m now following 🙂 Cheers!

  5. Pereira Irving Paul says :

    Thanks for reading and liking my story. I wish you all the best (especially at 11:11) for all your true desires to come true. “Do what thou will shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the Law, Love under Will.”

  6. Danielle says :

    I’m on the 11:11 bandwagon there. Although, oddly enough, I also get 1.11, 2.22, 3.33, 4.44, 10:10 and 12:12.

    Beautiful blog from what I’ve read of it so far.

    • My Write To Read says :

      My Write To Read says : January 30, 2013 at 9:37 pm Edit

      Oh wow! You must have some sort of connection with numbers. On that note, I hope all of your wishes come true if you happen to wish on those times. Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate it 🙂

  7. cyril says :

    Hello You have a very nice blog here. I love your collections! Keep spreading the joy and beauty to the world by your hand, my friend.
    Thanks Cyril

  8. Stephanie says :

    your my inspiration, your words always touch my heart and I am so grateful to have such an amazing women in my life, keep writing and touching the many lives of many people

  9. pi314chron says :

    Hi! Just a note to let you know I have nominated you to receive The Leibster Award. If you are not familiar with it, you may read about it on my post today (Wed. 06/05/2013).

    If you already have the award or, for some other reason, wish to decline it, you need take no further action.

    If you wish to accept the award, full information is in the post referenced above.

    My sincerest CONGRATULATIONS and continued success in your writing.


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