Grave Digger

As soon as a man is born he begins to die
From the moment he breathes his first breath
And opens his eyes

And when he is born, his time on earth will have begun
Although, each day ticks away
He will one day grow up and ask: what have I become?

This question will haunt him and follow him around
It’ll hover, whisper and squeal
And won’t ever back down

He will refuse to color himself in and take on the shape of a shadow
He fills his own shoes
And marches on to his everyday battle

Uniformed in a striped tie and blue tailored suit
Is a sad man who wishes
A career in happiness could be pursued

He’s learned that all that glitters is not gold
And his path has been paved a little differently
With forks and grooves in the road

Where did all the people go?
Just an unfamiliar world
Where friends have become foes

He empties his pockets and pours out his heart
He walks away from his life with no meaning
And prepares to depart


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About My Write To Read

It would be difficult to imagine a world without influential writers who broke down barriers and turned complex ideas into eloquent masterpieces. I hope to become one of those writers someday. There is still a lot to learn as much as there is to write about, but I know my passion for putting thoughts and opinions on paper will help me flourish into an independent thinker and writer. Sometimes we often place ourselves outside of the world, oblivious of the effects of change, but as a writer I am striving to submerse myself into the events, catastrophes, and activities that are a part of every day, in order to understand why things are the way they are. The world is my artist and my canvas is this blog, and you? You are my audience, observer, critic, and valued reader. My Blog:

2 responses to “Grave Digger”

  1. Adil khan [Ak] says :

    Truly amazing : )

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