A Heart Made of Holes

old hollywood

The promises we make
We often break
Sometimes even a promise we’ve made with ourselves
Don’t we?
Haven’t you?
Oh you fool
Who used her heart
And he used it too
To have it
To a shriveled, decomposed state
Of mind
Over matter

I never counted my blessings
Only the cigarettes smoked
And the amount of times
You undressed me
Stripping me
Not of my clothes
But of me
Revealing my bare
For a heart
You stole
Many years

Beneath my skin and bones
Is an empty cavity
That needs filling
Love willing
Without smoke
Which fills it now
From a cigarette
Tugging at the filter
Of what your mouth didn’t have
Of what it felt like
To tug at you
At your sleeve
Where I wanted you to wear your heart

And I loved him, I loved him
And now that love is gone
As courageous I have become
I was afraid that this would happen
I was afraid you’d blow all your kisses
For someone else
And you have
When I had been saving mine
In the palm of my hand
Where you once held yours
In your soft hands
Unlike your heart

And you love her, you love her
And I had to imagine a life
Without you
Without her
Because it made me happy
Even though I was lying
In a bed
Which I have made
It’s happening
I have become this
What’s happened to me?
It’s better to forget
Ignorance is bliss


(Photo Credit: http://www.annestreetstudio.com)

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