The Truthsayer’s Confession


The atmosphere in the room changed quickly. Smoke covered the air thickly. Unable to see his face, the length of space, where honesty couldn’t be conveyed, at least not today.

A voice from within grabbed ahold of each word and sprung off the tip of her tongue, “What is truth, if you haven’t got proof? Where is the truth in life, beguiled by words, tongue slithering sly?”

“There is truth in the world, pure and untainted. Speak of it unadulterated,” he claimed, a preacher ordained.

“You’re being moralistic, without being realistic. And what is true? Explain, would you? Because truth is measured by lies written by people with status and education, mending their prophecies with inclinations. What’s true to me may not be true to you, despite that it’s been presented without further adieu. Close the curtain and turn off the lights. Allow me to surround you with my truth which are just beautiful lies.”

A maniacal laughter adorned in darkness emerged from within, “Let’s exchange truth for sin.”


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It would be difficult to imagine a world without influential writers who broke down barriers and turned complex ideas into eloquent masterpieces. I hope to become one of those writers someday. There is still a lot to learn as much as there is to write about, but I know my passion for putting thoughts and opinions on paper will help me flourish into an independent thinker and writer. Sometimes we often place ourselves outside of the world, oblivious of the effects of change, but as a writer I am striving to submerse myself into the events, catastrophes, and activities that are a part of every day, in order to understand why things are the way they are. The world is my artist and my canvas is this blog, and you? You are my audience, observer, critic, and valued reader. My Blog:

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  1. Nicholas Gagnier says :

    I really like this 🙂 A lot.

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