Forget Me Not



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About My Write To Read

It would be difficult to imagine a world without influential writers who broke down barriers and turned complex ideas into eloquent masterpieces. I hope to become one of those writers someday. There is still a lot to learn as much as there is to write about, but I know my passion for putting thoughts and opinions on paper will help me flourish into an independent thinker and writer. Sometimes we often place ourselves outside of the world, oblivious of the effects of change, but as a writer I am striving to submerse myself into the events, catastrophes, and activities that are a part of every day, in order to understand why things are the way they are. The world is my artist and my canvas is this blog, and you? You are my audience, observer, critic, and valued reader. My Blog:

3 responses to “Forget Me Not”

  1. wlouison says :

    Oh I’m so glad that you wrote a poem about me! Just kidding! Really nice poem, though. Definitely felt the emotion and I liked the words you chose. The one-word lines were the most powerful as I felt they disrupted the flow that was starting to build up before hand, thus becoming even more effective. I’m still not sure if it’s a sad, happy or bittersweet poem. I’m going to read it a second time now! Great work, though. =)

    • My Write To Read says :

      It’s all of those things. It’s about a woman struggling with her husband’s Alzheimer’s disease. I didn’t mean for it to be a poem about that, but then when I started writing it, it seemed to take on that meaning. Perhaps it’s because of the tremendous effect an elderly couple’s relationship had on me. He had lost his wife to Alzheimer’s and it saddened him because she grew distant from him and he loved her so much. She just couldn’t remember him. So I imagined what it would be like to lose someone over their non-existent memory of you. Thank you for your kind compliments.

      • wlouison says :

        I read it a second time and to me it felt like a goodbye poem. Kind of had the same feel as the song “I Will Always Love You”. I can see, too though, the Alzheimer’s relevancy. Poetry can speak so many different things to so many different people and that’s what’s so great about it.

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